The founder himself is a Gazal Singer, Poet, and Writer. He has 2000+ variety of Urdu Gazals, Shayaris, and poetries.  He wants to make his own brand/identity as a Gazal writer. As he was not aware of Digital Branding.

It is a client which deals in online selling business of roller skates. It has an E- commerce website. They have variety of unique and fashion trending sets of shoes for kids. But they needs to improve their social media reach and also makes the branding for their unique, classy and trendy collections.  They wants direct conversion on their own website, so they approached us.

It is an international school located in Pune, India. School’s mission is to provide a resource based education with global opportunities for student’s growth and development. It has facilities of education from Pre-Primary to Secondary school. Customer has existing website and also tried digital marketing with some other vendor which was not fully successful

It is a school located in eastern Pune having about 250 students. It has facility and courses for Day-Care, Play Group and Pre-Primary. School had website and wanted to improve overall organic reach of website and define digital marketing strategy for long term

Co-working space provider in eastern Pune, India wanted to develop website and build basic digital marketing strategy for cost-effective office space aimed for working professionals, entrepreneurs and start-ups

Our customer is a sports academy in the city which is the capital of one of the states in India. The city has a diverse population from across the country and it has emerged as a business hub in the central part of India.

Our customer is a new school (pre-primary and primary) and planning for expansion.

A well-known engineering college wanted to implement effective social media marketing strategy at a peak time of admission cycle to improve their presence on social media among the eligible candidates.

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