Improving reach to a potential customer base of the sports academy

Customer Brief

Our customer is a sports academy in the city which is the capital of one of the states in India. The city has a diverse population from across the country and it has emerged as a business hub in the central part of India.


  • Creating brand awareness of Sports academy in the local market.
  • Reaching to potential customers through Social Media.
  • Creating a network of customers and potential customers for sustaining brand awareness program.



  1. Setting intended audience profiles.
  2. Creating awareness about Sports Academy through Social Media.
  3. Reach out potential customers, living in nearby areas.

Steps followed:

  1. Set up the goal of overall marketing reach.
  2. Existing website audit for website performance improvement.
  3. Digital marketing set up an integration to an existing website.
  4. Identified the effective keywords, meta tags and phrases.
  5. On-Page SEO.
  6. Off-Page SEO.
  7. Implement Social Media Marketing Strategies.
  8. Integrated chat room interface to the website for faster response.
  9. Run Paid Campaigns through various advertising platform to reach out the potential customer.


Our customer reached up to 1.5k people from nearby areas and got 175 new customer leads and followers on Social Media within a week. With the set procedures, now the customer is effectively managing overall social media marketing strategy and also converting potential leads to business with immediate response from the chat room on the portal.

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