Strategies for Personality Branding

Customer Brief

The founder himself is a Gazal Singer, Poet, and Writer. He has 2000+ variety of Urdu Gazals, Shayaris, and poetries.  He wants to make his own brand/identity as a Gazal writer. As he was not aware of Digital Branding.


Client has lots of data (Gazals/Poetries/ Shayaries) & Videos but they didn’t get much traffic & followers on website & Social media. He wants to reach out to the wider audience & also wants his social appearance on Web so he reach us for personality Branding. Our client’s most of the Gazals are in Urdu languages.



  • Make Persona on basis of their experience, expertise, Competencies & Achievements within a community, industry & Market place for Personal Branding.
  • Strong Social Media Presence- Build persona over with the use of twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & other profile branding sites. So that he can connect with his followers and supporters.
  • Find right Audience.
  • Reputation Maintenance.

Steps Followed:

  • Segregate audience required to achieve the goal.
  • Perform an audit of Client’s online footprint.
  • Remove threats hurting the reputation in search results.
  • Create & Post assets (Videos/ Shayaries /content) highlighting the best qualities.
  • Implement SEO Strategies for increase the Organic reach.
  • Strengthen his credibility by maintaining his reputation on web/ social media.


  • Customer got satisfactory results as significant rise has been observed in his Social media reach & followers.
  • One of his Gazal is published in Prime Minister’s ‘Man ki Baat’ event of 15th August 2020.
  • He started receiving enquiries for event and concerts.
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