Website Development and basic Digital Marketing setup for Co-working space

Customer Brief

Co-working space provider in eastern Pune, India wanted to develop website and build basic digital marketing strategy for cost-effective office space aimed for working professionals, entrepreneurs and start-ups


  1. Cost-effective website development
  2. Basic digital marketing setup, which is maintainable in long run by small organization



  1. Competitive analysis of Co-Working Spaces in nearby area
  2. Designing static website with proper “Call To Action” strategy
  3. One time SEO tagging and basic Social Media integration to website


Steps followed:

  1. Finalizing outline of website and Call to Action requirement
  2. Static website Design, SEP tagging at beginning
  3. Google business registration
  4. Setting up social media profiles for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Shared initial posts with customized images to initiate social media marketing to improve organic reach


  1. Website is developed in record time of about 1 week
  2. Basic SEO and Social Media setup integrated at the time of deployment. Customer is able to manage organic reach to potential leads using Social Media and website


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