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About Client:

Khushi Agrawal & Nikhila Vishnuvajhala started EarthBased to make sustainable living easy, accessible, and affordable. Their aim is to build a community-first e-commerce platform that fulfills the needs of a plant-based lifestyle. Being an environment-conscious consumer is difficult today. The dominant narrative in this space is an “all or nothing” philosophy that can turn people away from taking small yet meaningful steps towards environmental consciousness. With EarthBased, they hope to create an inclusive space supportive of everyone who intend to make changes one step at a time. Their message is simple – “The power of change lies in your pocket and you can use that to make an impact on the planet positively”. All products on the platform are Plant-Based, Non-Toxic, 100% Cruelty-Free and Made in India. We also extend dry waste management support post-delivery. They aspire to cater a wide range of plant-based products, in all price ranges, and appreciate even the small changes their customers are making to be more planet-friendly. Our would love to hear from you, tell us what you would like to see on EarthBased and how we can support you to make the green move.

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