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About Client:

The companies managing director and founder Mr. Bipin Agrawal has been in the rice industry for more than 3 decades now and it has always been his dream to add value to his country. He saw the widespread malnutrition issues in India among all sections of people be it poor, middle class, or rich, which became more prominent during Covid. He knew he had to do something about it and he started researching a way to solve this with the help of his son Aashutosh Agrawal (CEO of CLRK Industries) and his entire CLRK team. We came across a project by the government of India where they are making it mandatory to supply fortified rice to children via mid-day meals and also are emphasizing procuring fortified rice for the public distribution system (PDS) which is provided by millers like us. When researching more about fortified rice we understood that this is the rice that can resolve the issue of malnutrition and fulfill the dream of our founder. 

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