Learning Telescope

Learning Telescope provides a unique platform for students, educational and financial institutes to interact with each other in a most economical way by giving choices from the best institute and course options in optimal time.
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VM3 has developed this product by interacting with students, institutes, education advisors and financial institutes.

Unique features of learning telescope for students are listed below:

  1. Search and compare course/institute.
  2. Sort courses based on the course name, city, fees, institute name and facilities.
  3. Contact multiple institutes with one enquiry form.
  4. Get details of an education loan facility from multiple financial institutes at one place.
  5. Provide course/institute feedback.
  6. Get the latest education field news.
  7. Find opportunities for projects and internship.

The Success of the Product:

  1. Number of Courses Displayed on Portal: 7.5k+
  2. Number of Institutes Displayed on Portal: 2.3k+
  3. Total Traffic So Far: 305k+
  4. Number of Registered Users: 1.3k+
  5. Tie Up With 75+ Colleges for Sharing Their News, Admission Vacancies and Student Interface
  6. Arranged Internship for Students of About 15 Colleges

Skoolrunnr App

Skoolrunnr is a mobile app built for 21st-century schools. It is a smart communication platform developed for interaction among school management, teachers, students and parents. All in one app for tutoring, messaging, planners, attendance, timetables, assignments, photo/video albums and bus tracking. The app works for all users with smartphones and for those without a smartphone. It automatically sends all important information as SMS to users. It works well with iPhone and Android phones. The app is available on google play store as well as apple play store.

It has a multilingual feature and it can support all Indian languages. Integrated language tools assist users in reading and writing in the language of their choice. It enables collaboration among teachers, students, parents, school management effectively. This app is developed and marketed jointly with backlit technologies Pvt ltd. Skoolrunnr team is a group of software enthusiasts with entrepreneurial minds come together to change the status quo and make things better through technology. Team members have studied in some of the great institutions (IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, AIIMS, etc).

More details can be found on skoolrunnr.com
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'Dureghi'-'दुरेघी' is a digital platform for Marathi and English literature (short stories, blog-series and poems). It also has a section for a book review with a focus on Marathi book reviews along with English books. There's just nothing more relaxing than cozying up with stories, blogs and poems on your tablet, cell phone or e-reader. On ‘Dureghi’, featured writer: Amrapali Mahajan and guest writers have come out with interesting short stories, blog series and new reads to love. Readers can have access to an endless stream of Marathi and English literature to read and enjoy ‘Dureghi’ for free.

Sit back and get ready to enter another life for a while. When you're done, make sure that you pass this experience to your near and dear ones.

The Book Reviews section of 'Dureghi' not only recommends good reads but also gives the reader to add their opinions about books. We aspire to be one of the prominent players to promote Marathi literature. Our vision is to form an active club for book lovers, who can meet online and share their love for reading.
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