Learning Telescope

Learning Telescope provides a unique platform for students, educational and financial institutes to interact with each other in a most economical way by giving choices from the best institute and course options in optimal time.


Unique Features for Students

  • Search and compare course/institute.
  • Sort courses based on the course name, city, fees, institute name and facilities.
  • Contact multiple institutes with one enquiry form.
  • Get details of an education loan facility from multiple financial institutes at one place.
  • Provide course/institute feedback.
  • Get the latest education field news.
  • Find opportunities for projects and internship.

The Success of the Product

  • Number of Courses Displayed on Portal: 7.5k+
  • Number of Institutes Displayed on Portal: 2.3k+
  • Total Traffic So Far: 305k+
  • Number of Registered Users: 1.3k+
  • Tie Up With 75+ Colleges for Sharing Their News, Admission Vacancies and Student Interface
  • Arranged Internship for Students of About 15 Colleges


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