Current Digital Marketing trends in India: 2020

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Current Digital Marketing trends in India: 2020

Digital marketing is spreading its footprint day by day and covering almost all walks of life with enormous speed. Below are the current 7 Digital Marketing trends which beholding its position on top chart.

Growth of Voice search:

Voice recognition technology has improved day by day. In 2010, IBM’s Watson introduced a powerful voice recognition question-answer computer system that amazed the world.  After that, Google launched its Voice Search and Apple released Siri for the iPhone 4S, the first digital personal assistant. And then in 2014 by Cortana from Microsoft and Amazon Echo, a voice speaker powered by the personal assistant, Alexa. Google Assistant was launched in 2016, as well as the smart speaker Google Home. As per figures Amazon Alexa to be leading the market, though Google Home is forecast to take the lead by 2020.

Voice recognition technology has drastically improved since its inception.

Videos and Interactive content:

Interactive videos is nothing but the videos which allows to action while the viewer actually watching the video or the content. These action effects the content of the video. From these Interactive content they allow you to collect information from viewer by filling Form or multiple choice questions, etc. and they also provide free download media.

It is a non-linear, contextual media that lets users to interact by click, drag and scroll with video content. It's a very popular and highly effective way to convert users and help you to increase the subscribers and reach the goal.

Predictive Marketing:

We are living in era where there is a big value for data. Based on the previous data you have you can easily predict consumer’s needs and accordingly supply the demands in the market where you get a definite rise in your sale versus unstructured marketing (where you just pump in the products without having any market analysis or any research).

Rise in social media platforms:

Today there are various social media platforms are available and it is rises day by day. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, Reddit, etc. As per research, there are around 7.2 billion people on the planet and nearly 3 billion are active on the Internet. Facebook is the largest social media platform has 2.4 billion users and YouTube, WhatsApp also have more than 1 billion active users on social media platforms. There are various newer sites which rises faster than the older one. For example TikTok which is launched in September 2016 and in 2018 it reached to the half billion users. TikTok gain an average about 20 million new users per month. Moreover, as per the recent survey showed that over half of social media users are now using multiple platforms and older generations are quickly increasing their usage.

Interactive Chatbot:

The communication is the most important and effective way of transfer the information. There are so many changes or the adoption happened in communication technologies from the past and it is improved by developed technologies.In the modern communication technology now we used interactive chatbots i.e text messaging applications, messaging apps, etc. The idea of chatbots appeared first in the year 1960s. But their implementation into the real life, being a result of the rapid progress in natural language processing, AI, and the global presence of text messaging applications. The communication technologies indicates, that the text communication became more socially acceptable form of personal interaction. People increasingly prefer chatting with people rather than personal contacts or even making phone calls.


Interactive Email:

This is the new methodology of emailing, which provides the functionality necessary for recipients to take actions desired by the senders. This email incorporates elements that allow subscribers to add items to their shopping cart, book a room, take a quiz, watch a video directly in their inbox.

Smart Bidding: 

Google announced smarter automated bidding which optimize the targeted performance in every auction. It also includes different bid strategies such as Target CPA, ROAS, Maximize conversation, enhanced CPC.

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