Digital Marketing: Web-Development

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Digital Marketing: Web-Development

Love at first sight (site). Website is the first impression to the customer and many times a customer makes a decision based on an easy reach to the website in search engines, look & feel interaction and responsiveness.

Your website is the best marketing asset, and if it isn’t helping to grow your business, it’s time to renovate it.

Refer statistics below:

93% of online experiences start with a search engine
63% of consumers primarily use website to find and engage with you
75% have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design
In the digital landscape of today’s business world, every company need website acts as your virtual sales representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To make SEO optimized and interactive software development, you should keep the following points in mind

1.      Search engine optimized content writing

2.      Integrating SEO tags and tools

3.      Chat room/WhatsApp integration for instant interaction

4.      Integrating web analytic tools

5.      Social media integration

6.      Appointment booking

7.      Creative Graphics and Animation

8.      Edit news and blogs on the website to update your business happenings

Hosting Credentials & IP:

1.      Keep your hosting and domain credential safe with you

2.      Get back up of all source code, contents and databases with you

If your website itself is your product or main service, you need to take many other precautions such as

1.      Contents updating on a regular basis

2.      Staging environment for testing any intermediate changes

3.      Periodic resource cleanup activity, so that application does not crash or misbehave

4.      Maintenance and Continuous Support

VM3 Services in Web Development

VM3 offers unique and secure web application development solutions matching customer’s business strategies and requirements. We work closely with the customer and act as an extended team to add value to the customer portfolio.

We utilized decades of experience in web design and development to help you deploy an interactive, responsive and integrated website.

We combine mature project development methodologies with robust project management tools and product/system-level expertise to deliver end-to-end web development solutions

 We can develop a website or web-based product with end to end consulting by following steps given below

1.      Ideation (Brainstorming ideas)

2.      Market research to find out real potential user base

3.      Alpha release: Fast prototyping and check user base interest

4.      Finalizing feature requirements from market research and voice of customer

5.      Beta Release: Staging environment where loyal or limited customer can access product

6.      Updating search engine optimized contents

7.      Integrating Social Media, Web Analytics, SEO tags and tools

8.      Product Release with full features

9.      Digital marketing services (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing etc)

We offer expertise in the following technologies

 1.      WordPress Development

2.      Deploying WebApp on Cloud (AWS, Azure etc)

3.      Node JS and Angular Development

4.      AngularJS

5.      UI/UX Design

6.      Ajax Development Services

7.      PHP Development

8.      Open source Development Services

9.      HTML5 Development Services

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