Cost-effective improvement in google search results for a new school


Our customer is a new school (pre-primary and primary) and planning for expansion.


The school does not have own website and want to make a mark in the market by reaching to students and parents from for initial admissions with minimal cost and limited timeframe. In the long run, based on investment and overall progress schools planned for overall digital marketing strategy.


Strategy :


Laid overall short term digital marketing strategy with a focus on Google Business and Social Media.


Location-based marketing.

Steps followed :


Set up the goal.


Identified the effective keywords and make the list.


Registering Google Business.


Implement Social media marketing strategies and managing school image through Google My business by taking collaborative actions due to minimum fund availability and limited time in hand.


Without having a website, school is ranking on top position in Google search based on location-based keywords having key values of the school. Based on the response from a search engine, social media and mouth publicity; the school could manage initial admission cycle. For long term marketing strategy, school started working with us on Website Development, SEO and overall digital marketing.

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