Digital Transformation Success: Overcoming Challenges for a Renowned Business Coach & Strategist


The client is a highly regarded business coach, international strategist,
motivational speaker, life coach, and TEDx speaker, known for working with top industrialists, Fortune 500 leaders, and serial business owners.


  • Despite the client's success in the coaching and speaking realm, they encountered significant difficulties navigating the digital landscape.
  • Facebook Issues: The client experienced restrictions on their Facebook page and ad account, impacting their digital marketing efforts.
  • Website Hacking: The client's website was compromised, leading to restricted access and potential data breaches.
  • Google My Business Problems: Various issues arose concerning the client's presence on Google My Business, affecting their online visibility and reputation.


VM3, a digital solutions provider, implemented a comprehensive strategy to address the client's challenges:


Website Development: VM3 designed and developed a user-friendly, visually appealing website for the client, ensuring an improved online presence and a better user experience.


Social Media Issue Resolution: VM3 successfully resolved the client's Facebook page and ad account restrictions, enabling the client to leverage these platforms effectively for marketing purposes.


Website Security: VM3 tackled the hacking incident, securing the client's website, and restored access, preventing further unauthorized access and potential data breaches.


Google My Business Optimization: Addressing the issues with the client's Google My Business profile, VM3 implemented strategies to enhance their online visibility and reputation.


- SEO Implementation: VM3 deployed effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, particularly focusing on optimizing the client's YouTube channel for better search engine rankings, enhancing discoverability and reach.


The implementation of these solutions led to several positive outcomes:

  • Improved Online Presence: The new website design enhanced the client's online image, providing a user-friendly interface for visitors.
  • Resolved Social Media Challenges: The resolution of Facebook-related issues enabled the client to resume effective digital marketing efforts on this platform.
  • Enhanced Website Security: VM3's intervention improved the website's security, safeguarding it against future hacking attempts and ensuring data integrity.
  • Improved Google My Business Presence: Addressing the Google My Business issues resulted in better visibility and reputation for the client's brand on this platform.
  • Increased Search Engine Visibility: The implementation of SEO strategies boosted the client's YouTube channel's rankings, leading to increased discoverability and wider audience reach.

Overall, VM3's comprehensive approach and tailored solutions effectively resolved the client's digital challenges, contributing to an enhanced online presence and improved digital marketing capabilities. As of today, we have generated 29,913 leads for the Dilip Auti event.

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