Dental Tourism In India


The client is dealing in healthcare services. They run Dental Hospital with an advanced dental facility and provide top-notch comprehensive dental care to the public providing a beautiful smile. The client is the top dental hospital in Gujarat committed to providing patients with superior dental health and a complete range of services.
They worked on Digital Marketing setups for decades but are not satisfied with the output they get. Also, the client has too much misunderstanding regarding DM tools & techniques.


  • Building brand recognition in the international market
  • Google ads policy limited eligibility as the client services are under the healthcare domain.
  • CRM integration (web-hook setup) for Lead Automation
  • Website clean-up: Reduce loading time of the website as they have 1300 images on the website & multiple unused third-party Json-ld codes.
  • Our biggest challenge is to not only deliver international & local leads but create trust & credibility for our services as the client was not happy with their previous service provider. They were misguided by the previous team so they won’t have trust in any service provider.


Strategy :


Improve SERP ranking on relevant keywords.


Reduce website page loading time


Lead Automation Setup by CRM integration


Remove third-party Jsonld codes from the website


Resolve URL redirection issue


Improve Organic traffic, Social engagements.


Paid Advertisement in India & International Location.


Competitor Analysis.

Steps followed :


Integrate all SEO set up with the existing website & paste codes on the backend. Integrate 3000+ relevant keywords with the website for organic SEO. Compress 1300 images on the website & removed unused Third party codes to reduce the page load time & add alt text to all images.


Resolve all issues related to CRM integration and set lead automation system.


Update all social media platforms & Increases organic engagements.


Increase follower base on Facebook & LinkedIn


Set up Google ads for Gujrat & International locations (US & UK) as per ads policy & set conversion tracking.


Set all SEO & Social accounts setup (Analytics, Console, GTM, GMB, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) and done an analysis of the organic and paid performance of the website. Provided all the data analysis reports of conversions (Website Leads & Call Leads)


  • Brand is organically showing on Bing, Yahoo & Duckduckgo search engines in international locations, as well as there, were no leads before for international patients on Dental Tourism But now they received 3 leads/ day from the website as an average on International locations & Gujarat with limited eligibility by Google ads due to healthcare policy with 500+ Lead calls.
  • Successfully reduce loading time to 1 sec. The website’s SERP position on relevant Keywords is up now and it is showing on the 1st page with a number of relevant keywords organically. 3. Customer is satisfied with our performance & we managed to win their trust through our transparency in the overall process.
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